Monday, October 24, 2016

Secretary - Definition, Types, Categories and Origin of the Word


SECRETARY is from the Latin word Secretarius which means Clerk, Notary, Confidential Officer, Confidant. Secretarius comes from the root word Secretum which is Secret in English term or a Hidden Thing.

In other words, Secretary is a person entrusted with secrets and so called, the Secret Keeper.

Three Types of Secretary
1. Secretary to / of a person
2. Secretary of/to a club or organization
3. Secretary appointed by the President to hold a particular department in the government

Two Categories of Secretary
The SECRETARY is a person who provides clerical and administrative support. Secretaries may perform tasks such as typing and filing, answering the phone and making appointments for her supervisor. Whereas the EXECUTIVE SECRETARY or administrative assistant may do the tasks mentioned in the number 1 but also has responsibility for more senior-level functions such as research, interacting with vendors and the selection of products or database management. ~

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